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Laptop/PC Repair

Laptop Screen Damaged? We do screen replacements.

Laptop Keyboard - missing keys or keyboard not working - we can replace your keyboard.

Is your Laptop/PC displaying error messages?  We can normally fast fix your PC and remedy the situation in the great majority of cases. 

Do you think you  have viruses? We are great at detecting and removing Malware

Unable to connect to the internet? We can establish the cause and get you back online

Does your Laptop/PC appear to have died? We can look to see if it can be fixed. We have the technical know how to get behind the scenes and see what the problem is. We will be able to diagnose the problem, if it is the hardware, then we have the technical knowledge to get to your hard-drive and retain your file information.

Is your Laptop/PC running very slowly?It may be a performance tune-up is needed to restore the system to its original performance levels or an upgrade to increase disk space capacity or memory. Don't struggle and frustrate yourself with a slow computer, let us have a look, and get your computer back up to speed.

Problems with booting? Bring it in. We can check your Hard Drive and OS.

Is your Hard Drive failing? If you suspect a Hard Drive issue please power down your laptop immediately so that the risk of further damage is minimised and bring it in.


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