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Business IT Support

If you are a business that needs IT support we are there for you. We offer monthly support packages.

Need quick support response? for our contract customers we have online remote support so that we can get straight on the case when issues arise or some routine admin task is needed such as adding an email account to a PC.

Its changing out there - The office server environment is changing with many services now available from the Cloud rather than having to purchase hardware and software for installation at your office. The Cloud introduces SaaS (Software as a Service) and changes your software services to a utility model where you pay for what you use. There are pro's and cons and we can guide you in this.

Examples of Cloud/SaaS are Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, SalesForce.com

Ready for IT disasters? A very important aspect of business is to make sure your systems are backed-up and that the backup files are stored securely offsite so that in the event of a disaster you can restore all your important business data and your IT environment as it was.

We can look at suitable backup solutions and build you a disaster recovery plan.

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